Our kids program is based on fundamentals and fun. The coaches strive to develop a love of Jiu Jitsu in our kids lives. Our goal is to focus on the building blocks of Jiu Jitsu. The basic elements, positions, ideas that eventually will make up the techniques and sequences for great grappling skill.

Coach Trent has developed a methodology for teaching young children based on stages of development and best learning styles for kids.

This is the HELP methodology:

H = Hand over hand (physically assist the child in doing the technique or position).
E = Explain the technique or movement and why they are doing it.
L = Let them do it.
P = Praise everything.

This method has proven successful in working with children in keeping them engaged and interested.

Our kids program is different from others in that our retention rate for kids progressing through the various programs is very high. We are not looking for today’s “blackbelt or champion.” We are looking to develop a love of BJJ and martial arts as well as good friends, students, citizens!

Our kids program focuses on “drills and skills,” Our class begins with a warm up followed by drills to embed proper technique into our BJJ. Then we have technique time where coaches dive into a technique or sequence with the kids allowing them time to ask questions and to practice the technique on coaches and each other. Finally, we have rolling time where kids rotate partners getting a varied experience in grappling with many different partners.

Individual Attention

One of the things that sets Carolina Combatives apart from other academies is the number and engagement of staff for the kids. Many typical academy classes have 15-30 kids with one inexperienced coach. At CC we believe this is unacceptable and not in keeping with the high standards our kids deserve. Our classes always have more than one coach, and professor Trent is involved in leading all our kids classes along with our assistant coaches. We love these kids and value every moment we have with them.